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Methods Enzymol. 1991;203:121-53.

Molecular modeling of antibody combining sites.


Each of the six CDRs of Gloop2 is shown with the modeled structure in. Overall, the results obtained using the combined algorithm are similar in accuracy to those achieved using the canonical method of Chothia et al. However, the canonical method is limited to those loops where the key residues identified by Chothia are present. With the number of antibody structures currently available, it is not possible to classify CDR-H3 into canonical ensembles. Additionally, a small percentage of examples in the remaining CDRs do not match the current canonical classifications and the protein engineer may well wish to mutate the key residues, precluding the use of Chothia's method for modeling the resulting conformation. Thus the best approach appears to be to use Chothia's method (at least to model the backbone conformation) when the loop to be modeled is represented in the database of canonical structures. Any other loops, either unrepresented among the known canonicals (including CDR-H3), or where mutations have been made to the key residues, may then be modeled by the combined algorithm presented here.

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