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J Biol Chem. 2007 Sep 14;282(37):27006-11. Epub 2007 Jul 2.

Electron transfer between cytochrome P450cin and its FMN-containing redox partner, cindoxin.

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Departments of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Chemistry and Physiology, and Biophysics, University of California, Irvine, CA 92612, USA.


Cytochrome P450 reductase, which delivers electrons from NADPH to microsomal P450s, consists of a single polypeptide that contains both FAD and FMN. The bacterial P450cin utilizes a similar electron transport system except the FAD/FMN reductase consists of two separate polypeptides where the FMN protein, cindoxin, shuttles electrons between the FAD-containing cindoxin reductase and P450cin. Here we characterize the kinetics and specificity of electron transfer between cindoxin and P450cin as well as discuss the influence of possible binding surface interactions using homology models.

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