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Contraception. 1991 Oct;44(4):367-84.

Observation of the activity of factor VIII in the endometrium of women pre- and post-insertion of three types of IUDs.

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  • 1National Research Institute for Family Planning, Beijing, China.


The endometrial materials were obtained from 90 women who had been randomly inserted with three types of IUDs (Stainless steel ring, SS; copper T 220, TCu 220, and levonorgestrel-releasing device, LNG). An immunoperoxidase reaction, PAP method, with the antiserum of Factor VIII as the primary antibody, was carried out to detect the Factor VIII activity in the endometrial endothelium pre- (control) and post-insertion of the IUDs. The results revealed that: 1. There was a generalized lower Factor VIII activity in the endometrium of women post-insertion of IUDs (except LNG). 2. Comparison of the Factor VIII activity in the endometrium of women using different types of IUDs showed that the TCu type and the SS type decreased the activity significantly whereas the activity remained unchanged after 3-6 months' use of the LNG-IUD. The different types of IUDs seemed to influence the coagulation regulatory system in different ways; the lower Factor VIII activity, the more tendency to bleeding. 3. The Factor VIII activity in the endometrium of women using IUDs was lower in all phases of the menstrual cycle including the proliferative phase when the Factor VIII activity is normally high. It cannot be excluded that this could be a contributing factor to IUD-induced bleedings.

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