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Osteoporos Int. 2007 Jul;18(7):931-42. Epub 2007 Feb 15.

Comparison of dried plum supplementation and intermittent PTH in restoring bone in osteopenic orchidectomized rats.

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Department of Nutritional Sciences, College of Human Environmental Science, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK 74078, USA.


Bone loss was confirmed after 90 days in 50 6-month-old male Sprague Dawley rats that were sham-operated or orchidectomized (ORX). In this study, we have shown that dried plum (DP) has potent effects on bone in terms of bone mass, microarchitecture, and strength in osteopenic male rats. Although these changes may be mediated through the suppression of bone resorption, the fact that the restoration in some of the bone structural and biomechanical parameter shares some similarities with parathyroid hormone (PTH) should not be overlooked. Further investigation is needed on a mechanistic level to clarify the influence of DP on bone metabolism.


This study was designed to investigate the extent to which DP reverses bone loss in osteopenic ORX rats and to compare its effects to PTH.


Fifty, 6-month-old male Sprague Dawley rats were sham-operated or ORX, and bone loss was confirmed after 90 days. The ORX groups were assigned to control (AIN-93M) diet, 25% DP diet, or PTH (80 microg/kg) for 90 days.


DP induced an 11% increase in vertebral and femoral BMD compared to ORX-controls. BMD in the PTH-treated group was increased by 20.7% (vertebra) and 17.9% (femur). Vertebral trabecular bone volume (BV/TV) and number were increased by DP and trabecular separation was decreased compared to controls, which were similar to PTH. Alterations in trabecular bone of the femur were similar to those in the vertebra, but DP did not restore BV/TV to the same extent. Cortical thickness was improved by DP and further enhanced by PTH. DP tended to decrease urinary deoxypyridinoline and calcium, but did not alter alkaline phosphatase or osteocalcin.


We conclude that though the degree of improvement was not equivalent to PTH with regard to all parameters, DP reverses bone loss due to ORX and the mechanisms should be further investigated.

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