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Pharmacol Ther. 1991;50(3):271-83.

The regulation of adenylyl cyclase by receptor-operated G proteins.

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Department of Biological Chemistry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.


The receptor regulated adenylyl cyclase system is a multiprotein complex which is a member of the family of the receptor-effector systems whose signal is transduced by heterotrimeric GTP-binding proteins. The system consists of stimulatory and inhibitory receptors (Rs and Ri), stimulatory and inhibitory G proteins (Gs and Gi) and the adenylyl cyclase enzyme (C). While quite specific in situ, receptors (stimulatory or inhibitory) from one source can activate the appropriate G protein from other cell types or species which in turn can act on C from other sources. Studies with chimeric proteins have shown that the various specificities (stimulatory or inhibitory) can be mapped to defined domains in both receptors and G proteins. The mechanism by which the heterotrimeric G proteins couple to the stimulatory and inhibitory signals is discussed in detail. Specifically, the data supporting collision coupling vs the shuttle mechanism is reviewed, as well as the role of beta gamma subunits in both the stimulatory and inhibitory signals.

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