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Nat Immunol. 2007 Jul;8(7):743-52. Epub 2007 May 27.

L-selectin-negative CCR7- effector and memory CD8+ T cells enter reactive lymph nodes and kill dendritic cells.

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Institute for Research in Biomedicine, CH-6500 Bellinzona, Switzerland.


T lymphocytes lacking the lymph node-homing receptors L-selectin and CCR7 do not migrate to lymph nodes in the steady state. Instead, we found here that lymph nodes draining sites of mature dendritic cells or adjuvant inoculation recruited L-selectin-negative CCR7- effector and memory CD8+ T cells. This recruitment required CXCR3 expression on T cells and occurred through high endothelial venules in concert with lumenal expression of the CXCR3 ligand CXCL9. In reactive lymph nodes, recruited T cells established stable interactions with and killed antigen-bearing dendritic cells, limiting the ability of these dendritic cells to activate naive CD4+ and CD8+ T cells. The inducible recruitment of blood-borne effector and memory T cells to lymph nodes may represent a mechanism for terminating primary and limiting secondary immune responses.

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