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Mol Biol (Mosk). 2007 Mar-Apr;41(2):216-33.

[Directed import of macromolecules into mitochondria].

[Article in Russian]


Mitochondria are multifunctional organelles of eukaryotic cells that provide the energy for the cells by oxidative phosphorylation, play an important role in the apoptosis and take part in Fe-S clusters formation, fatty acids oxidation and synthesis of some aminoacids. They contain their own genome and are able to transcribe and to translate it. However, the vast majority of the macromolecules which function inside the mitochondria are imported into these organelles from the cytoplasm. The imported macromolecules include proteins and several types of small RNAs. Protein import is a universal process and its mechanism is conserved among all species. This mechanism is now known in detail. RNA import was shown to occur in several groups of eukaryotes, while the pool of imported RNA molecules varies in different organisms. Although the knowledge about the mechanisms of RNA import is less extensive than for the proteins, it becomes clear that these mechanisms are not universal among all the species possessing this pathway. In this review, we summarize the data about the import of macromolecules mentioned above into mitochondria.

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