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Biochemistry. 2007 Jun 12;46(23):7054-61. Epub 2007 May 16.

PKCepsilon increases phosphorylation of the cardiac myosin binding protein C at serine 302 both in vitro and in vivo.

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Center for Cardiovascular Research, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois 60612, USA.


Cardiac myosin binding protein C (cMyBPC) phosphorylation is essential for normal cardiac function. Although PKC was reported to phosphorylate cMyBPC in vitro, the relevant PKC isoforms and functions of PKC-mediated cMyBPC phosphorylation are unknown. We recently reported that a transgenic mouse model with cardiac-specific overexpression of PKCepsilon (PKCepsilon TG) displayed enhanced sarcomeric protein phosphorylation and dilated cardiomyopathy. In the present study, we have investigated cMyBPC phosphorylation in PKCepsilon TG mice. Western blotting and two-dimensional gel electrophoresis demonstrated a significant increase in cMyBPC serine (Ser) phosphorylation in 12-month-old TG mice compared to wild type (WT). In vitro PKCepsilon treatment of myofibrils increased the level of cMyBPC Ser phosphorylation in WT mice to that in TG mice, whereas treatment of TG myofibrils with PKCepsilon showed only a minimal increase in cMyBPC Ser phosphorylation. Three peptide motifs of cMyBPC were identified as the potential PKCepsilon consensus sites including a 100% matched motif at Ser302 and two nearly matched motifs at Ser811 and Ser1203. We treated synthetic peptides corresponding to the sequences of these three motifs with PKCepsilon and determined phosphorylation by mass spectrometry and ELISA assay. PKCepsilon induced phosphorylation at the Ser302 site but not at the Ser811 or Ser1203 sites. A S302A point mutation in the Ser302 peptide abolished the PKCepsilon-dependent phosphorylation. Taken together, our data show that the Ser302 on mouse cMyBPC is a likely PKCepsilon phosphorylation site both in vivo and in vitro and may contribute to the dilated cardiomyopathy associated with increased PKCepsilon activity.

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