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Immunol Lett. 2007 May 15;110(1):42-53. Epub 2007 Apr 3.

Human gammadelta T lymphocytes strip and kill tumor cells simultaneously.

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Department of Oncology, Institut National de la Santé Et de la Recherche Médicale Unité 563, BP 3128, Hopital Purpan, 31024 Toulouse Cedex 03, France.


When human gammadelta lymphocytes bind to tumor cells for killing, they also strip their membrane for unknown reasons. Here we investigated this topic using the model of human gammadelta lymphocytes co-incubated with anaplastic large cell lymphomas, a group of tumors with cytolytic T or null lineage. By using flow cytometry and live cell imaging, we show that as soon as both cells were in contact, the TCR-mediated activation of gammadelta lymphocytes simultaneously triggered their secretion of lytic granules and stripping of lymphoma cell membranes, and both activities continued even after their cell death. However reciprocally in such conjugates, resistant lymphoma failed to strip gammadelta cells and to kill them by untargeted secretion of their own lytic granules. This indicated that secretion of lytic granules and target membrane stripping are associated in lytic cell conjugates, and that gammadelta T lymphocytes strip and kill their targets simultaneously.

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