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New Phytol. 2007;174(3):537-50.

Organ-specific, developmental, hormonal and stress regulation of expression of putative pectate lyase genes in Arabidopsis.

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Department of Biology and Program in Molecular Plant Biology, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523-1878, USA.


Pectate lyases catalyse the eliminative cleavage of de-esterified homogalacturonan in pectin, a major component of the primary cell walls in higher plants. In the completed genome of Arabidopsis, there are 26 genes (AtPLLs) that encode pectate lyase-like proteins. Here, we analysed the expression pattern of all AtPLLs in different organs, at different stages of seedling development and in response to various hormones and stresses. The expression of PLLs varied considerably in different organs, with no expression of some PLLs in vegetative organs. Interestingly, all PLL genes are expressed in flowers. Several PLLs are expressed highly in pollen, suggesting a role for these in pollen development and/or function. Analysis of expression of all PLL genes in seedlings treated with hormones, abiotic stresses and elicitors of defense responses revealed significant changes in the expression of some PLLs without affecting the other PLLs. The stability of transcripts of PLLs varied considerably among different genes. Our results indicate a complex regulation of expression of PLLs and involvement of PLLs in some of the hormonal and stress responses.

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