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Can Vet J. 1992 Dec;33(12):801-8.

Swine reproductive and respiratory syndrome in Québec: Isolation of an enveloped virus serologically-related to Lelystad virus.


Sera were collected from convalescent sows and sick piglets from six pig farms in southern Quebec that have experienced outbreaks of the so-called porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome. By indirect immunoperoxidase, a few of these sera (4 of 14) (28.6%) were found to be positive for antibody to the Lelystad virus, whereas by indirect immunofluorescence 30 of 36 (83.3%) were positive for antibody to the antigenically-related American isolate ATCC-VR2332. Pregnant sows inoculated intranasally with filtered homogenates prepared from the lungs of necropsied piglets obtained from a seropositive farm developed fever, inappetence, and reproductive failure characterized by stillbirths and various stages of mummification. Lesions of interstitial pneumonia were induced in experimentally-infected specific pathogen-free piglets. A virus, having morphological and biological characteristics of viruses assigned to the family Togaviridae, was isolated from lung tissues of experimentally-infected animals; it could only be propagated in primary cultures of porcine alveolar macrophages. Identification of the virus was confirmed by indirect immunofluorescence using a monoclonal antibody directed against the nucleocapsid protein of the ATCC-VR2332 isolate and porcine sera that were found positive for antibody to both the Lelystad and ATCC-VR2332 isolates.


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