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Genesis. 2007 Apr;45(4):208-17.

Eomes::GFP-a tool for live imaging cells of the trophoblast, primitive streak, and telencephalon in the mouse embryo.

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Developmental Biology Program, Sloan-Kettering Institute, New York, New York 10021, USA.


Expression of T-box family member Eomesodermin (Tbr2) is spatiotemporally restricted in the mouse embryo; initially expressed in extraembryonic lineages in the sequential progression from the trophectoderm of the blastocyst, its derivatives the extraembryonic ectoderm, and thereafter the chorion, in addition to the visceral endoderm and primitive streak at gastrula stages, and the telencephalon at later stages. We describe the spatiotemporal expression of GFP in embryos of a Tg(Eomes::GFP) BAC transgenic strain, and have compared it with the localization of endogenous Eomes transcripts and protein. Our analysis reveals the following: (1) robust easily visualized reporter expression in live hemizygous transgenic embryos, (2) increased levels of expression in live homozygous transgenic embryos that are compatible with embryo viability, and (3) a close correlation between endogenous Eomes and GFP reporter expression in BAC transgenic embryos. These features establish the Tg(Eomes::GFP) BAC transgenic strain as a novel reagent for both live imaging and the isolation of Eomes expressing cells from specific locations within the embryo.

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