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J Hypertens. 2007 May;25(5):971-5.

Age-dependent association of alcohol drinking with pulse pressure.

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Department of Environmental and Preventive Medicine, Hyogo College of Medicine, Nishinomiya, Japan.



Wide pulse pressure is a potent risk factor for atherosclerotic disease, and hypertension is induced by habitual alcohol drinking. This concise study investigated whether age affects the relationship between alcohol drinking and pulse pressure.


The participants were 99 661 male workers (20-69 years old) who had received periodic health check-ups. The mean levels of pulse pressure and blood pressure were compared among three different groups divided by the average amount of daily alcohol intake (nondrinkers; light drinkers, < 30 g ethanol/day; heavy drinkers, >or= 30 g ethanol/day) in each age group.


The mean pulse pressure was decreased in the thirties and forties age groups compared with that in the twenties age group, and then was increased with advance of age in the fifties and sixties age groups. Pulse pressure was significantly wider in heavy drinkers than in nondrinkers and light drinkers in all age groups, and the difference between pulse pressure of nondrinkers and that of heavy drinkers was greater in the fifties and sixties age groups than in the younger groups. Pulse pressure in light drinkers was significantly wider than that in nondrinkers in the fifties and sixties age groups but was not different from that in nondrinkers in the twenties to forties age groups.


Association of alcohol intake with pulse pressure is dependent on the amount of alcohol and is stronger in the elderly. Age as well as amount of alcohol intake should therefore be taken into account when the influence of alcohol drinking on pulse pressure is considered.

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