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Korean J Parasitol. 2007 Mar;45(1):19-26.

Characterization of a Toxocara canis species-specific excretory-secretory antigen (TcES-57) and development of a double sandwich ELISA for diagnosis of visceral larva migrans.

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Department of Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.


This study describes the isolation of a Toxocara canis species-specific excretory-secretory (ES) antigen and the development of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) based on this antigen. Analysis of the ES antigens of T. canis, Toxocara vitulorum, Ascaris lumbricoides and Necator americanus larval antigen was performed by SDS-PAGE followed by western blotting. A 57 kDa T. canis-specific antibody fraction (TcES-57) was identified by western blotting and labelling with anti-Toxocara antibodies (from experimental rabbits and human patients) and tracing with anti-human or anti-rabbit peroxidase conjugate. No protein fraction of 57 kDa was detected in ES or larval antigens collected from T. canis, T. vitulorum, A. lumbricoides and N. americanus. Using TcES-57, a specific antiserum was produced in rabbits and a double sandwich ELISA was developed. This test was validated using known seropositive sera from toxocariasis patients, sera from A. lumbricoides or N. americanus patients, and 50 serum samples from cats. These tests revealed that TcES-57 antigen is specific to T. canis infection and does not cross react with sera of other related infections. Thus, ELISA based on TcES-57 antigen was proven to be an effective tool in the diagnosis of toxocariasis and studies on the role of T. canis in the epidemiology of human toxocariasis.

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