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Immunogenetics. 1992;35(2):97-101.

The recombination activating genes, RAG 1 and RAG 2, are on chromosome 11p in humans and chromosome 2p in mice.

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Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, Cambridge, MA 02142.


The recombination activating genes RAG-1 and RAG-2 are adjacent genes that act synergistically to activate variable-diversity-joining (V(D)J) recombination. Southern analysis of hybrid cell lines derived from patients with the Wilms tumor-aniridia-genitourinary defects-mental retardation (WAGR) syndrome and from mutagenized cell hybrids selected for deletions in chromosome 11 has allowed us to map the chromosomal location of the human RAG locus. The RAG locus defines a new interval of human chromosome 11p, but is not associated with any genetically mapped human disease. Guided by the chromosomal localization of the human recombination activating genes, we have also mapped the location of the mouse Rag locus.

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