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Cell Tissue Res. 1992 Jan;267(1):3-9.

Immunohistochemical localization of Na(+)-dependent glucose transporter in rat jejunum.

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Department of Anatomy, Kyorin University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan.


Glucose is actively absorbed via a Na(+)-dependent active glucose transporter (Na-GT) in the small intestine. We raised a polyclonal antibody against the peptide corresponding to amino acids 564-575 of rabbit intestinal Na-GT, and localized it immunohistochemically in the rat jejunum. By means of immunofluorescence staining, Na-GT was located at the brush border of the absorptive epithelial cells of the intestinal villi. Electron-microscopic examination showed that Na-GT was localized at the plasma membrane of the apical microvilli of these cells. Little Na-GT was found at the basolateral plasma membrane. Along the crypt-villus axis, all of the absorptive epithelial cells in the villus were positive for Na-GT. In addition to the brush border staining, the supranuclear positive staining, which was shown to be the Golgi apparatus by use of electron microscopy, was seen in cells located between the base to the middle of the villus. Cells in crypts exhibited little or no staining for Na-GT. Goblet cells scattered in the intestinal epithelium were negative for Na-GT staining. These observations show that Na-GT is specific to the apical plasma membrane of the absorptive epithelial cells, and that the onset of Na-GT synthesis may occur near the crypt-villus junction.

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