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Biochemistry. 1992 Feb 4;31(4):1201-10.

Interaction between the heavy and the regulatory light chains in smooth muscle myosin subfragment 1.

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Department of Structural Analysis, National Cardiovascular Center Research Institute, Osaka, Japan.


The interaction between the heavy and the regulatory light chains within chicken gizzard myosin heads was investigated by using a zero-length chemical cross-linker, 1-ethyl-3-[3-(dimethylamino)-propyl]carbodiimide (EDC). The chicken gizzard subfragment 1 (S-1) used was treated with papain so that the heavy chain was partly cleaved into the NH2-terminal 72K and the COOH-terminal 24K fragments and the regulatory light chain into the 16K fragment. S-1 was reacted with EDC either alone or in the presence of ATP or F-actin. In all cases, the 16K fragment of the regulatory light chain formed a covalent cross-link with the 24K heavy chain fragment but not with the 72K fragment. The 38K cross-linked peptide, which was the product of cross-linking between the 16K light chain and the 24K heavy chain fragments, was isolated and further cleaved with cyanogen bromide and arginylendopeptidase. Smaller cross-linked peptides were purified by reverse-phase HPLC and then characterized by amino acid analysis and sequencing. The results indicated that cross-linking occurred between Lys-845 in the heavy chain and Asp-168, Asp-170, or Asp-171 in the regulatory light chain. The position of the cross-linked lysine was only three amino acid residues away from the invariant proline residue mapped as the S-1-rod hinge by McLachlan and Karn [McLachlan, A. D., & Karn, J. (1982) Nature (London) 299, 226-231]. We propose that the COOH-terminal region of the regulatory light chain is located in the neck region of myosin and that this region and the phosphorylation site of the regulatory light chain together may play a role in the phosphorylation-induced conformational change of gizzard myosin.

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