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Mycol Res. 2007 Feb;111(Pt 2):196-203.

Polyphasic approach to the taxonomy of the Rhizopus stolonifer group.

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Bioresource Collection and Research Center, Food Industry Research and Development Institute, Hsinchu, Taiwan.


Phylogenetic analysis of Rhizopus strains based on the D1/D2 region of LSU rDNA sequences yielded a phylogram with four well-supported clades. The R. microsporus clade concurs with classification obtained by traditional methods. The R. oryzae group was found to include species of the genus Amylomyces. The traditional R. stolonifer group was divided into two well-supported clades in the phylogram, with one clade comprising R. stolonifer var. stolonifer, R. sexualis var. sexualis, and R. sexualis var. americanus and the other clade comprising taxa with recurved sporangiophores; R. reflexus, R. stolonifer var. lyococcus, and R. circinans, identifying recurved sporangiophores as an important taxonomic character. The molecular data supported the recognition of this clade at the species level: R. lyococcus (basionym: Sporotrichum lyococcum).

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