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DNA Seq. 2006 Aug;17(4):300-6.

A comprehensive analysis of allelic methylation status of CpG islands on human chromosome 11q: comparison with chromosome 21q.

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Department of Information and Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kanazawa University, Kakuma-machi, Kanazawa 920-1192, Japan.


It was generally believed that autosomal CpG islands (CGIs) escape methylation. However, our comprehensive analysis of allelic methylation status of 149 CGIs on human chromosome 21q revealed that a sizable fraction of them are methylated on both alleles even in normal blood cells. Here, we performed a similar analysis of 656 CGIs on chromosome 11q, which is gene-rich in contrast with 21q. The results indicate that 11q contains less methylated CGIs, especially those with tandem repeats and those in the coding or 3'-untranslated regions (UTRs), than 21q. Thus, methylation status of CGIs may substantially differ from one chromosome to another.

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