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Steady State Condition in the Measurement of VO<inf>2</inf>and VCO<inf>2</inf>by Indirect Calorimetry.

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Department of Electrical Engineering, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Iztapalapa, Mexico.


Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is computed using VO<inf>2</inf>and VCO<inf>2</inf>short time 15-minute window measurement with Indirect Calorimetry (IC) instruments designed with mixing chamber. Steady state condition using a 10% variation coefficient criteria is the main objective to achieve metabolic long time prediction reliability. This study address how susceptible is the steady state VO<inf>2</inf>, VCO<inf>2</inf>measurement condition to the clino-orthostatic physiological maneuver. 30 young healthy subjects were analyzed. Only 18 passed the 10% variation coefficient inclusive criteria. They were exposed to 10 minutes clino-stage and 10 minutes orthostage. The hypothesis tests show not statistical significance (p< 0.1) in the average and variance analysis. It is concluded that the steady state is not influenced by the patient position IC test, probably because IC mixing chamber instruments are insensitive to detect a mayor physiological dynamics changes that can modify the steady state definition.

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