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Am J Ophthalmol. 1992 Jan 15;113(1):86-95.

Ocular motility anomalies in developmental misdirection of the optic chiasm.

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Jules Stein Eye Institute, UCLA 90024-7002.


A 35-year-old normally pigmented man underwent monocular hemifield visual-evoked potential examinations that indicated a lack of normal decussation of nasal paramacular retinogeniculate fibers in the optic chiasm. We studied effects of this anomaly on ocular motility using electro-oculography and the magnetic search-coil technique. The patient exhibited horizontal congenital nystagmus with a predominantly positive exponential waveform. Horizontal smooth pursuit and optokinetic nystagmus were consistently reversed, independent of eye position in the orbit. Vertical tracking was uniformly normal. Horizontal vestibulo-ocular reflexes recorded in the dark during passive rotation exhibited normal gain and phase, whereas rotation recorded in the light reduced gain. Although active head movements reversed horizontal vestibulo-ocular reflexes, vertical vestibulo-ocular reflexes in light and darkness were normal. Our study suggested an association between a lack of normal decussation of retinal fibers in the optic chiasm, and reversed visual tracking and congenital nystagmus.

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