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Planta. 2007 Jun;226(1):159-67. Epub 2007 Feb 2.

Independently silencing two JAR family members impairs levels of trypsin proteinase inhibitors but not nicotine.

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Department for Molecular Ecology, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Hans-Knöll-Str. 8, Jena, 07745, Germany.


Jasmonic acid (JA)-amino acid conjugates are important JA metabolites that activate JA responses. However, our understanding of their involvement in herbivore defenses is limited. We identified a new Arabidopsis jasmonate resistant 1 (JAR1) homologue in Nicotiana attenuata (N. attenuata) and named it jasmonate resistant 6 (JAR6). JAR6 clustered closely with Arabidopsis JAR1 and the recently reported jasmonate resistant 4 (JAR4), another JAR1 homologue in N. attenuata, in a phylogenic analysis. The strong elicitation of JAR6 transcripts by wounding and treatment with Manduca sexta (M. sexta) oral secretions (OS), which mimics herbivore attack, suggests it plays a role in herbivore defense. Independently silencing JAR4 or JAR6 by transforming N. attenuata with inverted repeat JAR4 or JAR6 constructs significantly reduced levels of not only JA-Ile plus JA-Leu but also JA-Val in OS-elicited leaves, suggesting JAR4 and JAR6 are functionally redundant and their amino acid substrates are not highly specific to individual amino acids. A new JA conjugate, JA-Gln, whose levels are much higher than those of the other JA conjugates in WT plants, was not affected in JAR4- or JAR6-silenced lines, implying that another JA-conjugating enzyme exists in N. attenuata. Neither JA-ACC, the second most abundant JA conjugate in Arabidopsis seedlings, nor JA-Met or JA-Trp, was detectable in N. attenuata. Levels of trypsin proteinase inhibitors (TPIs) in JAR4- and JAR6-silenced plants were significantly reduced, but nicotine levels were normal. We conclude that both JAR4 and JAR6 conjugate JA to Ile, Val, and Leu, and that both positively regulate TPI activity.

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