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Chem Soc Rev. 2007 Feb;36(2):151-60. Epub 2006 Dec 15.

From supramolecular chemistry towards constitutional dynamic chemistry and adaptive chemistry.

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Institut de Science et d'Ingénierie Supramoléculaires, Université Louis Pasteur- CNRS UMR 7006, 8 Allée Gaspard Monge, F-67000 Strasbourg, France.


Supramolecular chemistry has developed over the last forty years as chemistry beyond the molecule. Starting with the investigation of the basis of molecular recognition, it has explored the implementation of molecular information in the programming of chemical systems towards self-organisation processes, that may occur either on the basis of design or with selection of their components. Supramolecular entities are by nature constitutionally dynamic by virtue of the lability of non-covalent interactions. Importing such features into molecular chemistry, through the introduction of reversible bonds into molecules, leads to the emergence of a constitutional dynamic chemistry, covering both the molecular and supramolecular levels. It considers chemical objects and systems capable of responding to external solicitations by modification of their constitution through component exchange or reorganisation. It thus opens the way towards an adaptive and evolutive chemistry, a further step towards the chemistry of complex matter.


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