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Enzyme. 1990;44(1-4):250-64.

Control of translation in adenovirus-infected cells.

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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, N.Y.


The initiation of protein synthesis in adenovirus-infected cells is regulated during the late phase in two ways, which may be related. The overall translation rate is maintained by a small viral RNA, VA RNAI, which prevents the phosphorylation of initiation factor eIF-2 by a double-stranded RNA-activated protein kinase, DAI. In addition, the relative efficiency of translation of host cell and viral mRNA populations is regulated in the infected cell during the late phase such that viral mRNAs are selectively utilized. Three viral elements have been implicated in this process: the 5' leader present on most late viral mRNAs; the late protein, 100K; and VA RNA. This article reviews the mechanisms underlying these translational control phenomena.

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