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Gene. 1991 Dec 15;108(2):237-43.

The cDNA cloning and RNA distribution of bovine osteopontin.

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Bone Research Branch, National Institute of Dental Research, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD 20892.


We have isolated and sequenced the bovine cDNA (OPN) counterpart of osteopontin. The cDNA is 1356 nucleotides (nt) in length with an open reading frame of 834 nt, encoding a 278-amino acid (aa) protein. Cell-free transcription and translation of OPN RNA resulted in a major species of approx. 40 kDa in size, in agreement with the predicted size of the deduced aa sequence. Northern analysis of bovine OPN RNA indicated the presence of the message in mineralized, as well as soft tissues. A comparison of the deduced aa sequence among various species indicates both regions of similarity and divergence. One prominent region of dissimilarity in bovine OPN compared to all other species is a 22-aa gap which may represent a loss of a potential Ca(2+)-binding loop. Despite the variability among the species, several regions of conservation are apparent, including a hydrophobic leader sequence, a potential site for Asn-linked glycosylation, a stretch of polyaspartic acid residues, and the cell attachment Arg-Gly-Asp tripeptide. Whether bovine OPN enhances cell attachment is unknown. Furthermore, whether the loss of a potential Ca(2+)-binding loop alters the function of OPN would be interesting to determine.

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