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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1991 Dec 1;88(23):10411-5.

Two additional protein-tyrosine kinases expressed in human lung: fourth member of the fibroblast growth factor receptor family and an intracellular protein-tyrosine kinase.

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  • 1Chemotherapeutisches Forschungsinstitut Georg-Speyer-Haus, Frankfurt, Federal Republic of Germany.


The expression of protein-tyrosine kinases (PTKs; ATP:protein-tyrosine O-phosphotransferase, EC was studied in normal human lung and various tumors by PCR followed by molecular cloning and sequence analysis. Six known PTKs (YES, FGR, LYN, HCK, PDGFB-R, and CSF1-R), as well as two additional members of this enzyme family, were detected in lung. One of the newly discovered sequences appears to represent a group of cytosolic PTKs. The cDNA sequence of the second unknown PTK revealed that it is a fourth member of the fibroblast growth factor receptor family. It was therefore called TKF (tyrosine kinase related to fibroblast growth factor receptor). Among a wide variety of cells and tissues tested, including human lymphocytes and macrophages, TKF was only found expressed in lung. Apart from normal lung, TKF expression could be demonstrated in some tumors of lung origin, but also in malignancies not derived from lung tissues. As fibroblast growth factors are generally involved in a variety of functions such as mitogenesis, angiogenesis, and wound healing, the specific expression of a receptor-related gene in lung only may point to yet another special function of this group of proteins.

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