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Cell. 1991 Oct 4;67(1):79-87.

Expression of a Xenopus homolog of Brachyury (T) is an immediate-early response to mesoderm induction.

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Laboratory of Developmental Biology, National Institute for Medical Research, The Ridgeway, Mill Hill, London.


The Brachyury (T) gene is required for mesoderm formation in the mouse. In this paper we describe the cloning and expression of a Xenopus homolog of Brachyury, Xbra. As with Brachyury in the mouse, Xbra is expressed in presumptive mesodermal cells around the blastopore, and then in the notochord. We show that expression of Xbra occurs as a result of mesoderm induction in Xenopus, both in response to the natural signal and in response to the mesoderm-inducing factors activin A and basic FGF. Expression of Xbra in response to these factors is rapid, and will occur in dispersed cells and in the presence of a protein synthesis inhibitor, indicating that this is an "immediate-early" response to mesoderm induction.

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