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Cell. 1991 Sep 20;66(6):1133-44.

The B lymphocyte adhesion molecule CD22 interacts with leukocyte common antigen CD45RO on T cells and alpha 2-6 sialyltransferase, CD75, on B cells.

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Department of Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Charlestown.


Functional maturation of B lymphocytes correlates with expression of the B lineage-specific cell surface glycoprotein CD22. Two CD22 polypeptides have been characterized and suggested to play a role in B cell-B cell interaction as well as in B cell adhesion to monocytes. In this work we provide evidence that CD22 is directly involved in the cognate interaction between B and T cells. One of the two CD22 polypeptides, CD22 beta, interacts with a specific ligand on a subpopulation of CD4+ T cells. Our results suggest that the T cell ligand of CD22 is CD45RO, an isoform of the leukocyte common antigen class of phosphotyrosine phosphatases associated with the helper T cell phenotype. We further demonstrate that CD22 recognizes a second ligand, CD75, expressed predominantly on activated B cells and shown to be a cell surface alpha 2-6 sialyltransferase.

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