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Virus Genes. 2007 Apr;34(2):147-55. Epub 2006 Dec 15.

Molecular characterization of three novel murine noroviruses.

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Research Animal Diagnostic Laboratory, Department of Veterinary Pathobiology, University of Missouri, 1600 East Rollins Road, Columbia, MO, 65211, USA.


Murine noroviruses (MNV) comprise a group of newly recognized pathogens infecting laboratory mice. The first reported murine norovirus, murine norovirus 1 (MNV-1), produces a transient infection with a short duration of fecal shedding after infection of immunocompetent laboratory mice. Our laboratory subsequently isolated three novel murine noroviruses, murine norovirus 2 (MNV-2), murine norovirus 3 (MNV-3), and murine norovirus 4 (MNV-4), that have markedly different pathogenicity from MNV-1 by producing persistent infections and prolonged fecal shedding in infected immunocompetent mice. In this study, the nucleotide sequences and the predicted amino acid sequences of the three novel murine noroviruses were determined and compared to each other, MNV-1, and other previously described human and animal noroviruses. The three novel murine norovirus strains were shown to be related to each other and MNV-1 by sequence and phylogenetic analysis even though MNV-2, MNV-3 and MNV-4 all display markedly different biologic behavior from that of MNV-1.

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