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Int J Syst Bacteriol. 1991 Jul;41(3):347-54.

Intrageneric relationships of members of the genus Fusobacterium as determined by reverse transcriptase sequencing of small-subunit rRNA.

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Department of Oral Microbiology, London Hospital Medical College, United Kingdom.


The phylogenetic interrelationships of 14 members of the genus Fusobacterium were investigated by performing a comparative analysis of the 16S rRNA sequences of these organisms. The sequence data revealed considerable intrageneric heterogeneity. The four species Fusobacterium nucleatum (including F. nucleatum subsp. nucleatum, F. nucleatum subsp. polymorphum, "F. nucleatum subsp. fusiforme," and "F. nucleatum subsp. animalis"), Fusobacterium alocis, Fusobacterium periodonticum, and Fusobacterium simiae, which colonize oral cavities, exhibited high levels of sequence homology with each other and formed a distinct group within the genus. Fusobacterium mortiferum, Fusobacterium varium, and Fusobacterium ulcerans also formed a phylogenetically coherent group, as did the two species Fusobacterium gonidiaformans and Fusobacterium necrophorum. Fusobacterium russii and Fusobacterium necrogenes displayed no specific relationship with any of the other fusobacteria. The sequence data are discussed in the context of previous physiological and chemical findings.

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