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Biochem J. 2007 Jan 1;401(1):121-7.

Presenilin/gamma-secretase and alpha-secretase-like peptidases cleave human MHC Class I proteins.

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Neurobiology of Disease Laboratory, Genetics and Aging Research Unit/MIND, Department of Neurology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, 114 16th St., Charlestown, MA 02129, USA.


HLA (human leucocyte antigen)-A2 is an MHC Class I protein with primary functions in T-cell development and initi-ation of immune cell responses. MHC I proteins also play roles in intercellular adhesion, apoptosis, cell proliferation and neuronal plasticity. By utilizing a sequence comparison analysis, we recently identified HLA-A2 as a potential substrate for the Alzheimer's disease-associated PS1 (presenilin 1)/gamma-secretase. alpha-Secretase-like membrane metalloproteinases are responsible for an initial shedding event, partially mediated by ADAM (a disinteg-rin and metalloproteinase)-10. Accordingly, activation or inhibition of alpha-secretase-like membrane metalloproteinases directly modulated levels of a 14 kDa HLA-A2 CTF (C-terminal frag-ment) in CHO (Chinese-hamster ovary) cells. To show that the HLA-A2 CTF is subsequently cleaved by PS1/gamma-secretase, we re-duced its activity in cell lines stably expressing HLA-A2 and in Jurkat T-cells expressing endogenous MHC I. Treatment with specific PS1/gamma-secretase inhibitors or expression of a dominant-negative construct led to a significant accumulation of HLA-A2 CTFs. We also identified the PS1/gamma-secretase cleavage product of HLA-A2 CTF, termed HLA-A2 intracellular domain, in cell-free and cell-based experiments. In the absence of proteasome inhibitors, HLA-A2 intracellular domain underwent rapid degrad-ation. These data indicate that MHC I proteins undergo extra-cellular domain cleavage mediated by alpha-secretases and the cleavage product is subsequently cleaved by PS1/gamma-secretase.

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