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Oncogene. 2007 Apr 12;26(17):2525-34. Epub 2006 Dec 4.

KCNMA1 gene amplification promotes tumor cell proliferation in human prostate cancer.

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Institute for Pathology, University Hospital Basel, Basel, Switzerland.


Molecular mechanisms of prostate cancer progression are poorly understood. Here, we studied gene amplification of the large conductance calcium-activated potassium channel alpha subunit (KCNMA1), which is located at the chromosomal region 10q22. Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) revealed KCNMA1 amplification in 16% of 119 late-stage human prostate cancers and in the hormone-insensitive prostate cancer cell line PC-3. In contrast, KCNMA1 amplification was absent in 33 benign controls, 32 precursor lesions and in 105 clinically organ-confined prostate cancers. Amplification was associated with mRNA and protein overexpression as well as increased density of BK channel protein and beta-estradiol-insensitive BK currents in PC-3 cells as compared to non-amplified control cell lines. Specific blockade of BK channels by iberiotoxin or RNA(i) significantly inhibited K(+) currents and growth of PC-3 cells. The data demonstrate that 10q22 amplification drives KCNMA1 expression and cell proliferation. Thus, KCNMA1 qualifies as a promising diagnostic and therapeutic target in patients with prostate cancer.

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