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J Proteome Res. 2006 Dec;5(12):3385-98.

Global comparison of the membrane subproteomes between a multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii strain and a reference strain.

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IBBR Group, Laboratory Polymères, Biopolymères, Membranes, UMR 6522 CNRS, University of Rouen, France.


Acinetobacter baumannii causes severe infections in compromised patients. We combined SDS-PAGE, two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS and MALDI-TOF) to separate and characterize the proteins of the cell envelope of this bacterium. In total, 135 proteins (inner and outer membrane proteins) were identified. In this analysis, we described the expression by this bacterium of RND-type efflux systems and some potential virulence factors. We then compared the membrane subproteome of a clinical multidrug-resistant (MDR) isolate with that of a reference strain. We found that the MDR strain expressed lower levels of the penicillin-binding-protein 1b, produced a CarO protein having different primary and quaternary structures to that of the reference strain, and expressed OmpW isoforms. We also showed that the clinical strain has a high ability to form biofilms consistent with the accumulation of some outer membrane proteins (OMPs) such as NlpE or CsuD that have already been described as involved in bacterial adhesion. These features may partly explain the MDR emergence of the clinical isolate.

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