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Structure. 2006 Nov;14(11):1623-32.

Purification and 3D structural analysis of oligomeric human multidrug transporter ABCG2.

Author information

Nuffield Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences, John Radcliffe Hospital, University of Oxford, Oxford, OX3 9DU, United Kingdom.


ABCG2 is a multidrug efflux pump associated with resistance of cancer cells to a plethora of unrelated drugs. ABCG2 is a "half-transporter," and previous studies have indicated that it forms homodimers and higher oligomeric species. In this manuscript, electron microscopic structural analysis directly addressed this issue. An N-terminal hexahistidine-tagged ABCG2(R482G) isoform was expressed to high levels in insect cells. An extensive detergent screen was employed to effect extraction of ABCG2(R482G) from membranes and identified only the fos-choline detergents as efficient. Soluble protein was purified to >95% homogeneity by a three-step procedure while retaining the ability to bind substrates. Cryonegative stain electron microscopy of purified ABCG2(R482G) provided 3D structural data at a resolution of approximately 18 A. Single-particle analysis revealed that the complex forms a tetrameric complex ( approximately 180 A in diameter x approximately 140 A high) with an aqueous central region. We interpret the tetrameric structure as comprising four homodimeric ABCG2(R482G) complexes.

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