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J Histochem Cytochem. 1991 Mar;39(3):265-71.

Monoclonal antibodies against bovine type IX collagen (LMW fragment): production, characterization, and use for immunohistochemical localization studies.

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Department of Medicine, University of Tennessee, Memphis 38163.


Four high-affinity monoclonal antibodies (MAb) which react specifically with the low molecular weight (LMW) fragment of bovine type IX collagen (BIX) have been produced in mice. On the basis of the ability of these MAb to cross-react with type IX collagen purified from human, rat, and chick cartilage and to inhibit one another in a competitive inhibition assay, we conclude that the MAb D1-9, B3-1, and B2-7 recognize unique epitopes, whereas MAb B4-5 recognizes the same epitope as B3-1. None of the MAb reacted with bovine type I, II, and XI collagen. MAb D1-9 and B3-1 were tested for their ability to bind to tissue antigen, using an immunohistochemical assay system. Positive immunoperoxidase reactions were observed in the perichondrocytic regions of human and rat costochondral cartilage. Positive responses were also detected in rat auricular cartilage, as well as in tissue obtained from the middle and inner ears of rats and mice. This report demonstrates the relative ease of producing MAb to heterologous type IX collagen and the utility of these MAb for localizing type IX collagen in cartilage and cartilage-like tissues.

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