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Biochem J. 1991 Jan 15;273(Pt 2):301-6.

Characterization of antibodies to the glycosyl-phosphatidylinositol membrane anchors of mammalian proteins.

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Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Leeds, U.K.


Two polyclonal antisera were raised in rabbits to the phospholipase C-solubilized forms of pig renal dipeptidase (EC and pig aminopeptidase P (EC These antisera were purified and shown to cross-react with other glycosyl-phosphatidylinositol (G-PI)-anchored proteins isolated from pig, human and trypanosomes. The epitopes involved in this cross-reactivity were characterized by Western-blot analysis after mild acid or nitrous acid treatment of the G-PI-anchored proteins and by a competitive e.l.i.s.a. with other G-PI-anchored proteins and individual components of the anchor structure. These studies revealed that the primary epitope for both antisera is the inositol 1.2-(cyclic)monophosphate that is formed on phospholipase C cleavage of the intact G-PI anchor. Other minor epitopes, such as phosphoethanolamine, probably involve side-chain modifications to the core anchor structure that may be species-specific.

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