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Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. 2006 Oct;56(Pt 10):2481-7.

Updated phylogeny of the genus Aeromonas.

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Molecular Diagnostics Center (MDC), Biomolecular Technologies S.L. and Universidad Miguel Hernández, 03300 Orihuela, Alicante, Spain.


Recent phylogenetic studies of the genus Aeromonas based on gyrB and rpoD gene sequences have improved the phylogeny based on 16S rRNA gene sequences first published in 1992, particularly in the ability to split closely related species. These studies did not include the recently described species Aeromonas simiae and Aeromonas molluscorum and only a single strain of Aeromonas culicicola was available for analysis at that time. In the present work, these Aeromonas species and newly isolated strains of A. culicicola were examined. Sequence analysis indicates that A. simiae and A. molluscorum belong to non-described phylogenetic lines of descent within this genus, which supports the original description of both species. The most closely related species are Aeromonas schubertii and Aeromonas encheleia, respectively, which is consistent with 16S rRNA gene sequencing results. However, while the five strains of A. molluscorum showed nucleotide differences in their gyrB and rpoD gene sequences, the only two known A. simiae strains exhibited identical gene sequences, suggesting that they are isolates of the same strain. On the basis of the rpoD gene sequence phylogeny, A. culicicola strains from the original description and new isolates from drinking water and ornamental fish clustered within the species Aeromonas veronii, suggesting inconsistencies with previous results. Other strains with previously controversial taxonomy and new isolates from other studies were included in this study in order to clarify their phylogenetic affiliation at the species level.

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