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Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 2007;39(1):7-11. Epub 2006 Sep 1.

NEDD1: function in microtubule nucleation, spindle assembly and beyond.

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Hanson Institute, Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science, PO Box 14, Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia.


Nedd1 was originally identified as a developmentally regulated gene in the mouse central nervous system. NEDD1 has homologues across a range of species, being particularly conserved in a region of WD40 repeats contained in the amino-terminal half of the protein. Human NEDD1 was recently found to localise to the centrosome and mitotic spindle. It binds to the components of the gamma-tubulin ring complex and target this complex to the centrosome and spindle. Depletion of NEDD1 causes loss of the gamma-tubulin ring complex from the centrosome and results in the failure of microtubule nucleation and spindle assembly. In addition, phosphorylation of NEDD1 during mitosis is critical for targeting gamma-tubulin to the spindle, but not the centrosome. There is still much unknown about the function of this protein and how it may be involved in development and disease. This short review summarises some of the recent work on NEDD1 and discusses how this interesting protein may have additional yet unexplored functions.

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