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J Protozool. 1977 Feb;24(1):196-200.

Cell size, macromolecular composition, and O2 consumption during agitated cultivation of Naegleria gruberi.


Cell size, macromolecular composition, carbohydrate utilization patterns, and O2 concentrations were measured throughout the growth stages of Naegleria gruberi in agitated culture in a complex medium. Biphasic logarithmic growth occurred during the intial 83 hr of growth and the mean generation time was 7.0 hr and 19 hr during initial and secondary log growth stages, respectively. The maximum yield was 5 X 10(6) amebae/ml. The pH rose rapidly (1 pH unit) during the secondary log growth phase (52-83 hr) and continued into the stationary growth phase (83-120 hr). Dry weight, total protein, carbohydrate, and RNA per ameba increased just before the secondary log growth phase. RNA increase 31% to 35% per ameba at the end of each phase of log growth. DNA increased approximately 2-fold throughout the different growth phases. Average cell size increased 90% during biphasic log growth then decreased during stationary phase. O2 tension decreased from 100% to 18% of saturation during the biphasic growth phase, then increased during stationary growth to near 100% saturation. Glucose and total carbohydrate assays showed little utilization of those substrates throughout the growth stages. Naegleria gruberi presumably has a predominantly aerobic metabolism, also its metabolism may change during the different growth phases.

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