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FEBS Lett. 1990 Oct 1;271(1-2):161-4.

Detection of a large cation-selective channel in nuclear envelopes of avian erythrocytes.

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Institute of Molecular Biology, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Salzburg.


To determine whether the nuclear envelope of eukaryotic cells has the capability to regulate ion fluxes, we have used the patch-clamp technique to detect ion channels in this membrane system. Since possible sites for ion channels in the nuclear envelope include not only the nuclear pores, but also both the inner and outer nuclear membranes, we have patched giant liposomes composed of phosphatidylcholine and nuclear envelope fragments isolated from mature avian erythrocytes. A large, cation-selective channel with a maximum conductance of approximately 800 pS in symmetrical 100 mM KCl was detected. This channel is a possible candidate for a nuclear pore.

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