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Georgian Med News. 2006 Aug;(137):109-11.

[Comparative analysis of the influence of various factors in different combinations on the ionic homeostasis of a cell].

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The ionic homeostasis is one of the most sensitive tests for the evaluation of functional state of a cell. The agents, which promote elevation of ionic homeostasis, as well as those, which suppress it, are well known. The goal of the present work was tracing the possibilities for altering ionic homeostasis into one or another direction, as a result of combined influence of some agents: ionizing radiation at a dose of 0.1 Gy, EMF with frequency of 45 Hz, 2.0 mT, in one case, and addition to this combination of the homeopathic remedy--stimulated phosphoric acid, at different dilutions. The following data have been obtained: combination of ionizing radiation of 0.1 Gy increased effect against the effect of its constituents, while addition of phosphoric acid at dilution of 10(-14) increased effect even further. In the other series of experiments, combination of ionizing radiation of 0.5 Gy and EMF was used in the same conditions; as a result, the sum effect decreased against its constituents, while addition of highly diluted (10(-200)) phosphoric acid practically arrested this effect. It is concluded that effect of a combined influence depends on a dose of the constituents.

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