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Anim Genet. 2006 Oct;37(5):503-8.

Assignment of 117 genes from HSA5 to the porcine IMpRH map and generation of a dense human-pig comparative map.

Author information

Faculty of Agriculture, Kagoshima University, Kagoshima, 890-0065, Japan.


Twenty-two and eight significant quantitative trait loci for economically important traits have been located on porcine chromosomes (SSC) 2q and SSC16 respectively, both of which have been shown to correspond to human chromosome 5 (HSA5) by chromosome painting. To provide a comprehensive comparative map for efficient selection of candidate genes, we assigned 117 genes from HSA5 using a porcine radiation hybrid (IMpRH) panel. Sixty-six genes were assigned to SSC2 and 48 to SSC16. One gene was suggested to link to SSC2 markers and another to SSC6. One gene did not link to any gene, expressed sequence tag or marker in the map, including those in the present investigation. This study demonstrated the following: (1) SSC2q21-q28 corresponds to the region ranging from 74.0 to 148.2 Mb on HSA5q13-q32 and the region from 176.0 to 179.3 Mb on HSA5q35; (2) SSC16 corresponds to the region from 1.4 to 68.7 Mb on HSA5p-q13 and to the region from 150.4 to 169.1 Mb on HSA5q32-q35 and (3) the conserved synteny between HSA5 and SSC2q21-q28 is interrupted by at least two sites and the synteny between HSA5 and SSC16 is also interrupted by at least two sites.

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