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Eur J Orthod. 2006 Dec;28(6):580-5. Epub 2006 Sep 5.

A sella turcica bridge in subjects with dental anomalies.

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Department of Orthodontics, Dental College, University of Catania, Rome, Italy.


Calcification of the interclinoid ligament (ICL) of the sella turcica, or sella turcica bridging, has been associated with severe craniofacial deviations. Despite no comprehensive study on the sella turcica bridge, a relationship with tooth and eruption disturbances has been reported. In order to investigate whether congenital absence of the second mandibular premolar, or the presence of a palatally displaced canine (PDC), is associated with sella bridging, a retrospective study was performed. Lateral cephalometric radiographs from 20 males and 14 females, aged between 8 and 16 years, with a PDC and second mandibular premolar aplasia were reviewed and compared with a control group. A standardized scoring scale was established to quantify the extent of a sella turcica bridge from each radiograph (no calcification, partially calcified, and completely calcified). The prevalence of complete calcification of the ICL in adolescents with dental anomalies was equal to 17.6 per cent, while an incidence 9.9 per cent was found in the control group. A partially calcified sella turcica was observed in 58.8 per cent of adolescents with dental anomalies compared with 33.7 per cent in the control group. The association between the degree of calcification of the ICL and the presence of dental anomalies in the studied adolescents was statistically significant according to chi-square statistics (P = 0.004). This was confirmed by Fisher's exact test (P = 0.003). According to these findings, the prevalence of a sella turcica bridge in adolescents with dental anomalies is increased, while age and gender do not greatly influence ossification of the ICL. The very early appearance during development of a sella turcica bridge should alert clinicians to possible tooth anomalies in life later.

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