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Scand J Immunol. 2006 Sep;64(3):190-9.

Pax5--a critical inhibitor of plasma cell fate.

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Turku Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Department of Medical Microbiology, University of Turku, Kiinamyllynkatu 13, 20500 Turku, Finland.


Paired box protein 5 (Pax5) is essential for early B cell commitment as well as for B cell development, and continuous expression of Pax5 is required throughout the B cell lineage to maintain the functional identity of B cells. During B cell activation, Pax5 is downregulated before terminal differentiation into antibody-secreting plasma cells, and enforced expression of Pax5 prevents plasmacytic development. Recently, loss of Pax5 was shown to result in the substantial transition to a plasma cell state, demonstrating a functionally significant role for Pax5 in the regulation of terminal B cell differentiation. Here we elucidate the current understanding about the function of Pax5 as a key inhibitor of plasma cell differentiation.

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