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J Assoc Physicians India. 2006 Jun;54:453-7.

Erythrocyte enzyme abnormalities in leukemias.

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Department of Laboratory Medicine (Haematology), All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.


Red cell enzymes were assayed in a total of 67 patient including 24 patients with AML (19 relapse, 5 remission), 16 patients with ALL (10 relapse, 6 remission), 22 patients with CML and 5 patients with blastic CML. Diagnosis of leukemia was based on clinical presentation, peripheral blood smear and bone marrow examination (as per FAB classification). PK activity was significantly high in case of CML and blastic CML (p<0.01). Red cell HK was high in all leukemia subtypes. There was no alteration in red cell G6PD. Notably there was no PK deficiency in AML or G6PD deficiency in ALL. Activities of G6PD and PK could be correlated in cases of CML, AML, (p<0.05) and ALL (p<0.01) i.e. when there was increased activity of G6PD, PK activity also tended to be higher. HK activity showed a positive correlation with PK and G6PD activity in cases of CML (p<0.05), however in acute leukemia there was no such correlation. Alteration of enzyme activities among red cells in leukemia occurred only during relapse. At the time of remission there has been no significant alteration in any of the enzyme activities. It would therefore, appear that enzyme alterations seen in leukemia patients is due to abnormal pluripotent stem cell that has given to a leukemia cell. The fact that enzyme alterations have primarily occurred at the time of relapse would further substantiate that abnormalities of red cell enzymes may be the result of a derivation some circulating red cells from the abnormal pluripotent stem cell. With the recovery of normal stem cells function during remission, enzyme abnormalities tend to become normal.

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