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Can J Physiol Pharmacol. 2006 Mar-Apr;84(3-4):333-45.

Will you let me use your nucleus? How Agrobacterium gets its T-DNA expressed in the host plant cell.

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Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, State University of NY, Stony Brook, 11794-5212, USA.


Agrobacterium is the only known bacterium capable of natural DNA transfer into a eukaryotic host. The genes transferred to host plants are contained on a T-DNA (transferred DNA) molecule, the transfer of which begins with its translocation, along with several effector proteins, from the bacterial cell to the host-cell cytoplasm. In the host cytoplasm, the T-complex is formed from a single-stranded copy of the T-DNA (T-strand) associated with several bacterial and host proteins and it is imported into the host nucleus via interactions with the host nuclear import machinery. Once inside the nucleus, the T-complex is most likely directed to the host genome by associating with histones. Finally, the chromatin-associated T-complex is uncoated from its escorting proteins prior to the conversion of the T-strand to a double-stranded form and its integration into the host genome.

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