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Cell. 1990 Feb 23;60(4):685-93.

HIV-1 regulator of virion expression (Rev) protein binds to an RNA stem-loop structure located within the Rev response element region.

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MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, England.


HIV-1 Rev protein, purified from E. coli, binds specifically to an RNA transcript containing the 223 nucleotide long Rev response element (RRE) sequence. Rev binds to RRE in vitro with an apparent dissociation constant of 1 to 3 nM as determined by filter binding, gel mobility shift assays, or an immunoprecipitation assay using a monoclonal antibody specific for the Rev C-terminus. Antisense RRE sequences are bound by Rev with a 20-fold lower affinity than wild-type RRE sequences. The Rev-RRE complex forms even in the presence of a 10,000-fold molar excess of 16S rRNA, whereas formation of the low affinity antisense RRE-Rev complex is efficiently blocked by addition of excess 16S rRNA. A approximately 33 nucleotide fragment is protected from ribonuclease T1 digestion by the binding of Rev to RRE RNA, suggesting that Rev binds with high affinity to only a restricted region of the RRE. This protected fragment is unable to rebind Rev protein but has been mapped to a 71 nucleotide long Rev binding domain sequence that overlaps the protected fragment.

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