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Brain Res Dev Brain Res. 1990 Jan 1;51(1):27-34.

Developmental expression of myelin proteins by oligodendrocytes in the CNS of trout.

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Abt. Zoophysiologie, Universität Osnabrück, F.R.G.


Using immunohistochemical techniques, the pattern of cytoplasmic staining and the temporal order of expression of 5 major myelin components of oligodendrocytes were studied in the developing central nervous system of trout. The two myelin glycoproteins, IP1 and IP2, in the cytoplasm of glial cells showed a granular pattern of immunostaining, whereas the 36K protein was homogeneously distributed. Analysis of freshly dissociated cells during early stages of myelinogenesis revealed a constant chronological sequence of expression of myelin proteins by the oligodendrocytes: glycoprotein IP2 was the first protein to appear during glial development together with the galactocerebroside GalC at stage 28 followed by the 36K at stage 30 and finally IP1 at stage 32. The deposition of myelin proteins into the nascent myelin sheath occurred in the same chronological order as their expression by oligodendrocytes. Moreover myelin basic protein, which was not detectable in glial cells, on tissue sections was found to appear in parallel with IP2.

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