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Cell. 1990 Jan 12;60(1):85-93.

Characterization of the autoantigen La as a nucleic acid-dependent ATPase/dATPase with melting properties.

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Institut für Physiologische Chemie Universität, Mainz, Federal Republic of Germany.


The autoantigen La, a known transcription termination factor of RNA polymerase III, was purified to homogeneity from mouse 3T3 cells and calf thymus by different isolation procedures. The La protein from calf thymus was separated into RNA binding and nonbinding subclasses. The murine La protein and the RNA binding subclass of calf thymus La protein showed ATPase/dATPase activity in the presence of DNA-RNA or RNA-RNA hybrids. A novel monoclonal anti-La antibody (La11G7) and patients' anti-La antibodies immunoadsorbed to homogeneously purified La protein were able to inhibit the enzyme activity of La protein. La protein was able to melt a synthetic DNA-RNA hybrid in a reaction that required ATP hydrolysis. The RNA binding ability of the nonbinding subclass was restored by treatment with sialidase. This treatment also restored the protein's ATP-dependent melting activity.

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