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Genomics. 1991 Jul;10(3):527-30.

Detection and characterization of additional DNA polymorphisms in the dopamine D2 receptor gene.

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Department of Medical Genetics, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland 97201.


The gene encoding the dopamine D2 receptor (DRD2) has been suggested as a candidate gene for several mental disorders. We previously described the cloning and chromosomal mapping (to 11q22-q23) of a human DRD2 gene as well as its use for the detection of a two-allele TaqI RFLP with a minor allele frequency of 0.24, corresponding to a PIC of 0.30. Family linkage utilizing DRD2 would be facilitated if the PIC of the DRD2 locus were increased. To this end, we have used additional phage and cosmid clones in the vicinity of DRD2 to identify a new two-allele TaqI RFLP as well as a TG microsatellite polymorphism with a PIC of 0.62. We report localizations of the three polymorphisms on the restriction map of the DRD2 locus. The TaqI RFLPs are in apparent linkage equilibrium with the microsatellite, yielding a highly informative compound marker locus with a PIC of 0.76.

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